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Dry Eyes

Dry Eye Syndrome,Eye Exam

Do you ever experience your eyes feeling dry, gritty, watery, stingy, scratchy, and/or uncomfortable? Those are some of the symptoms of dry eyes. A decrease in tear production and/or an increase in tear evaporation can cause dry eyes.

There are several factors that can cause dry eyes such as environmental changes, normal aging process, hormonal changes, certain medications, connective tissues diseases, or contact lens wear, smoking, digital device use, and many more.

Treatments for dry eyes are based on cause and severity of the condition. Dry eye questionnaire, meibography, tear break up assessment, and ocular surface staining are some of the diagnostic tests performed during a dry eye assessment exam.

If dry eyes are left untreated, it can lead to corneal damage and scarring which can cause impaired vision, contact lens intolerance, increased risk of eye infections, and decreased quality of life.

If your symptoms have not improved with over-the-counter treatments, then we recommend having a dry eye assessment examination for your personalized treatment plan.

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