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Vision Rehabilitation Therapy

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About Vision Rehabilitation Therapy

Vision Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) is a comprehensive program aimed at helping individuals with visual impairments maximize their remaining vision and learn alternative techniques to maintain independence in daily life. VRT is typically provided by certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapists (VRTs) and is an essential part of the rehabilitation process for people with low vision or blindness. Here’s some content about Vision Rehabilitation Therapy:

Individuals with low vision, which may result from conditions like macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, or glaucoma, can benefit from VRT

VRT is also valuable for individuals who are blind, as it teaches essential skills for daily living, communication, and mobility.
Vision impairment is more common among older adults, and VRT can help seniors maintain their independence and quality of life.
Children with visual impairments can receive specialized training to help them succeed in school and develop essential life skills.

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